Making Your Journey Easier

I have built this site to help women have an easier passage through menopause.  I have researched and written more than 600 articles about menopause over the years, covering every aspect of pre and post menopause. Simultaneously, I have helped thousand of menopausal patients during my 29 years of private practice.

I have learned that most women have unanswered questions about:

  • The symptoms of menopause
  • How long each symptom can last
  • Treatments and remedies to relieve their menopause symptoms
  • What you may experience during each phase of menopause
  • How long each phase of menopause can last

I have also learned that many menopausal women would like to:

  • Increase their understanding of menopause
  • Have advice and support to make their journey through menopause easier
  • Share their menopause experiences with women who have similar experiences
  • Learn about the menopause experiences of other women
  • Learn from other women about the treatments and remedies that are helping them

Educate Yourself about Menopause…

For an easier menopause passage, increase your understanding of:
* What is happening to you
* What you can do about it
* What may lie ahead for you

I Have Developed 4 Services to Help
Make Your Passage Through Menopause Easier


Keeping you abreast of the latest menopause news and developments that will enable you to make better decisions concerning your passage through menopause

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A unique service that will enable you to ask personal questions that you may have about menopause and receive answers to those questions 24/7 via email

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This program provides you with a personal consultation with Dr. Mickey Harpaz by phone or Skype. The outcome from the consultation is a personal program for you to help you overcome the issues that you raise.

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This program provides you with ongoing personal support from Dr. Mickey Harpaz for one year, by phone or Skype. As you are likely to face new issues as you progress from one phase of menopause to the next, ongoing support may appeal to you.

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  • Menopause Reset serves as a good reminder that there is a lot to look forward to after menopause. As one who has struggled with surgical menopause symptoms including weight gain, panic attacks, sleeplessness, and many more embarassing issues, I’ve noticed that as soon as I give myself permission to eat as directed every 2-3 hours and continue to exercise as I have been I do feel better. This book is a guide to teach you how to live well again. It is well worth the time to read and refer to frequently.

    Georganne on Menopause Reset
  • It is very definitely a partnership when you work with Mickey Harpaz. It’s though he is a companion on your journey, as you make those Changes in lifestyle: daily exercise and proper nutrition. Everything is presented in a straightforward and methodical manner. He makes it as easy as possible to follow the prescribed regimen for Bringing blood sugar under control.


    Ms. Pat Kelly
  • Mickey Harpaz combines a solid knowledge of exercise physiology and nutrition with good common sense and lots of enthusiasm. His individualized “healthy heart” programs have helped a large number of my patients with problems ranging from diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, high cholesterol to simple obesity.

    His one-on-one and group sessions teach patients the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle while his dynamic personality motivates them to convert principles into practice. Mickey Harpaz has often succeeded where other diet and exercise programs have failed.

    Carolyn Becker, MD, FACP

I hope that you have found information and/or services that can help to make your passage through menopause easier.

With my best wishes,
Mickey Harpaz, EdDC